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How long should we visit (at $44 per hour)?

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Jarvis benefits


A professional clean at your home the way you want it, every time.


We have only the best cleaners as they must maintain a consistently high rating.


Cleaners are ID-checked, trusted members of your local community.


Each visit is 100% insured up to the value of $10M.


We will confirm the exact date and time from your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a cleaning service?
Our standard cleaning service includes all of the basic tasks required to get your home in order. You can communicate any specific tasks or jobs that you want done to your cleaner through the Jarvis portal. Simply login to your Jarvis account, click on ‘My To-Do list’ followed by ‘Add New Item’.
How do Jarvis subscriptions plans work?
When you book your first clean, you have the option of booking in a regular schedule, such as weekly, monthly or fortnightly service. A regular clean ensures you are assigned the same cleaner every time. You can cancel or amend your regular clean whenever you like. We just ask that you always provide us with at least 48 hours notice so that we can organise alternative jobs for your cleaner.
Will I have the same cleaner for each visit?
If you have booked a regular clean with us, you can expect to have the same cleaner for each visit. If for some reason your regular cleaner is no longer available, we will always let you know in advance, and we will organise the best possible replacement. Of course, if ever you would like to trial a new cleaner, you can let us know via message and we will arrange this for you.
How long will my home clean take?
Depending on the size and condition of your home, the clean can take anywhere from two to six hours. Our team can provide you with guidelines based on your requirements, however, you can ultimately choose the duration of the service.We normally recommend about 30 minutes per room for a regularly cleaned home. If you don’t need your whole home cleaned that’s also OK. Just let us know and the cleaner will only clean the areas required. If you need more time, your cleaner can stay longer, depending on their schedule, to complete additional tasks. If this is agreed with the cleaner then just let us know so we can make any necessary adjustments on your account.
How does pricing work?
Single cleans cost $54 p/h with a minimum of 2 hours required. If you book a regular clean (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) the same service will cost you just $44 p/h. If you don’t have cleaning equipment at home an additional $5 p/h is required.